FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my country banned?

There is WAY WAY to much fraud coming from your country. 90% of the fraud is coming from Turkey, Isreal and Poland. If your country is also on the ban list, it may come down someday.

When do I get the $50 ($75)?

We try to process all applications as quickly as possible. Please note that your application can sometimes take up to 24 hours to process and sometimes longer depending on weekends and holidays. You will receive $50 from us, and after 250 raked hands you will get an additional $25 from party poker. You can view your stats by click MY ACCOUNT, BONUS ACCOUNT in the party poker client.

IP Conflict error during signup

When you signup at PartyStakers.com and you receive an error “IP Conflict” , it means your IP (Or one similar) has already signed up using our program. As stated before, we cannot allow more than 1 account per household, PC, or phone #.

I already have a play money account on PartyPoker.com, can I still get the $50 ($75)?

Yes! As long as you do not have a REAL money account on PartyPoker.com you are eligible to receive the $75 FREE offer. Simply create a new PartyPoker.com account and follow all our instructions.

What is the catch?

Simply put: There is NO CATCH. Sign up, and fill out all the information correctly along with putting in our bonus code and you will get $50+$25 at no risk to you.

Do I need a credit card?

NO! On this initial promotion you do NOT need a credit card or any banking information. After we deposit money, you are on your own to find a comfortable way to deposit future party poker funds.

Can more than one person receive the $50 from the same address?

NO – PartyStakers only offers this promotion to 1 person per mailing address phone number computer.